Jho Low should have been brought back, says Pasir Gudang MP

JOHOR BARU: Attorney General (AG) Tan Sri Idrus Harun should have brought fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho – better known as Jho Low (pic) – back to Malaysia to be tried, says Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Abdul Karim.

He applauded the decision made by Idris and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in aborting the series of meetings with Low’s legal team, saying that it was the right move to make.

Hassan said that Low had been charged in courts in Malaysia and the United States for allegedly cheating 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and the government of billions of ringgit.

“How can there be a bargain between Jho Low and the Malaysian government. Can the justice system in Malaysia be traded for the RM1.5 billion offer from him,” said Hassan.

In a statement on Sunday (July 17), Hassan asked if Low is now trying to bribe the Malaysian government.

Hassan added that Low should return and face the charges in court if he believes he’s innocent, instead of hiding in other countries.

Hassan added that with Jho Low appointing the Washington-based law firm Kobre & Kin, which then appointed former Attorney General Tan Sri Apandi Ali as a negotiator, this only acknowledges that Low has committed criminal offences.

“If Low did nothing wrong, then why is he willing to offer up to RM1.5bil to the Malaysian government in return for all charges against him being dropped,” he said.

Hassan also questioned why Apandi became the facilitator between Jho Low and the government as the latter was involved in the 1MDB case.

“Similarly, it is puzzling to think why Idrus was willing to hold multiple meetings with Jho Low’s representatives. Why not reject it from the very beginning,” said Hassan.

On Saturday (July 16), the Attorney-General’s Chambers said that it had rejected all offers of settlement by Low.

“The AGC confirms that Jho Low, through his representatives, has made attempts to engage with the government of Malaysia on a settlement this year,” it said.

“In these attempts, Jho Low’s representatives met with agencies of the government of Malaysia, including the AGC,” it added in a statement.

The Edge reported that Jho Low, who is allegedly the mastermind behind the 1MDB scandal, had offered RM1.5bil to the government to settle the charges and that he was represented by Apandi in the negotiations with the government.

Apandi, however, said he was merely a facilitator for the international law firm that contacted him to arrange a meeting with the AGC.

The meeting held at the AGC was attended by Idrus, his officer and a senior officer from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Asked whether Jho Low was willing to return the money, Apandi said, “It was so indicated through Kobre & Kim at the meetings”.

However, citing confidentiality, he declined to reveal the amount the businessman was looking to return to Malaysia.

On whether the attempt will be revisited, Apandi said he would not speculate.

Jho Low is also facing a US$3.78bil (RM16.8bil) suit filed against him by 1MDB and its four subsidiaries.