Malaysian on Bali police’s most-wanted list for fraud, embezzlement

PETALING JAYA: A Malaysian and another foreigner are on the Bali police’s most-wanted list for their alleged involvement in a fraud and embezzlement case involving at least RM25mil.

Bali Police Crimes Unit director Surawan said that the two men are identified as 48-year-old MSS from Malaysia and 56-year-old KCH from England.

“We are still investigating the two foreigners,” said Surawan.

The two are suspected of embezzling hotel project funds and then fleeing abroad.

The victim, who is identified only as Andi, was a company director from Tangerang, Jakarta.

It was reported that the victim had invested in a well-known hotel in Badung, which was managed by the two men.

However, after noticing that there was no profit in recent years, an audit was carried out.

“The use of hotel-owned finances has not been in accordance with the Management Agreement since 2017,” Andi said.

There is some evidence of irregularities in the process, one of which is that the management company transferred hundreds of billions of rupiah in funds to several other bank accounts allegedly owned by management abroad.

“I reported the two people to the authorities on October 20, 2022, along with some evidence. We will fully submit this case to the authorities,” said Andi.

It was reported Andi’s team conducted a financial audit and found that IDR89 billion (RM25.12mil) had been embezzled.

Bali police have conducted in-depth investigations, including recording the statements of reporters and company directors.

The two foreigners whose business address is in the North Kuta area were summoned for questioning.

However, when the police went to their registered addresses in North Kuta, the pair was nowhere to be found.

As such the duo are on the Wanted List and the whereabouts of the two people are still being investigated.

Under Indonesian law, both men might face five years behind bars for fraud.