Malaysians complain a lot but Malaysia is always home, says Chong Wei

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians may like to complain but Malaysia will always be our home, says Datuk Lee Chong Wei

“We like to find fault. The more you care, the more you will complain.

“Anyone born in Malaysia. Deep inside (they) will know Malaysia is (their) real home,” he said on his Facebook page on Friday (Sept 16) in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

He added that despite receiving offers to coach overseas, he chose to remain in the country.

“I received offers to coach overseas. Huge offers.

“But I stayed. Malaysia’s much better,” he said.

He also pondered what the country would be like without racial politics.

“Imagine a Malaysia without racial politics. Imagine a Malaysia with qualified educated politicians and leaders.

“Imagine a Malaysia with one strong advanced school system.

“Election’s coming. Let’s all (all parties) make Malaysia the home it should be,” he said.

The former Olympian also cheekily took the opportunity to reveal that his family will soon be expanding.

“Side Note. Because we love our country so much we have added another Malaysian!

“I hope all will pray for a smooth pregnancy for (Wong) Mew Choo,” he said.