Motorcyclist lauded for ‘simple but valuable’ kind act of feeding stray dog

PETALING JAYA: There is no set time or place to do a kind deed. A motorcyclist waiting at a traffic light junction has earned praise from social media users for feeding a dog at the road divider.

His act was recorded on video and uploaded on social media by a motorist, with users heaping compliments upon him and urging others to follow his example.

“Looks simple but valuable,” said one user.

“Many ways to show kindness,” said another.

“After this we should always stand by with cat food. Can feed (strays) wherever they are,” said another commenter.

Speaking to The Star’s Bahasa Malaysia news portal mStar Online, the individual who recorded the video, Muhammad Nur Hakim A Karim, said the incident took place at the junction of the Seremban Gateway in Seremban, Negri Sembilan, on Sunday (Sept 11).

According to the 22-year-old, the motorcyclist who had a big bag of cat food decided to feed the dog while waiting for the lights to change.

“It was 1.47pm and I was on my way from Seremban 2 to Palong 12, Gemas, to send my child to the hostel.

“The motorcyclist’s deed was commendable and a good example to society. Feeding this stray dog is an act of charity,” said Muhmmad Nur Hakim, a car spare parts dealer.

A TikTok user, commenting on the video clip, said the motorcyclist was her uncle and it was normal for him to do such good deeds.

“He likes to feed stray dogs and cats. Thank you for wishing him well,” she added.