No plans to instal extra safety measures at Batu Berangkai falls, says Perak exco rep

IPOH: There are no plans to instal extra precautions at the Batu Berangkai waterfall in Kampar, says Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi(pic).

The Perak Tourism, Housing, and Local Government Committee chairman said a notice board reminding visitors of the risks in the area had been placed there a long time ago.

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“Right now, we don’t have enough capacity to add in extra measures such as guards to monitor the area. This area is known for being risky and there is a notice board to remind visitors about it,” she told reporters at PORT here Thursday (Sept 8).

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At least three victims were found drowned at the waterfall this year, including a 16-year-old on Tuesday (Sept 6)

Nolee advised the public to be cautious when visiting recreational sites, especially during the monsoon season.

“Cases (drowning) like these do not only happen here but also in other states such as Terengganu and more.

“Right now, it is safer to stay away from these areas. With unknown weather, we can’t predict when water surges would happen.

“Especially for those with small children, please choose safer places to avoid unpredictable things like this from happening,” she said.

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Separately, Nolee Ashilin announced the 4th Ipoh Music Symposium with “1960s Pop” as the theme.

“This year, we have about 100 artists from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia to conduct talks, concerts, exhibitions, and forums during the event.

“We will also have a special documentary screening by a director from the United States.

“The event will be held at three separate venues, namely PORT, Travelodge Hotel, and Perak RTM Auditorium,” she said, adding that the event will be held from Oct 21 to 23.