Outrage as video of woman beating child with broomstick goes viral

PETALING JAYA: Social media users vented their anger online after a video of a woman abusing a child with a broomstick went viral.

The TikTok and Instagram video on Friday (July 22) showed the woman beating the child with a broomstick, even pressing the stick to the little girl’s neck for unknown reasons.

The woman’s actions were observed by someone who was sitting across from her.

“Use the power of viral and netizens help Aqil. Justice for (name withheld), shame on you,” said account holder The Aqil 7.

According to Aqil, he recorded the video and went to a police station to seek further action.

“I recorded the video as proof for the police report… hopefully police will give their cooperation in helping the child.

“I will explain in detail after the situation has calmed as I am at the police station and the issue is still under investigation,” mStar quoted him as saying.

“I am expecting all your support and please pray for our struggle for the child,” he said in an Instagram Story.

Aqil said the woman was the child’s stepmother and had only been taking care of her for about a year.

The video attracted more than 200,000 views on TikTok and also elicited many comments on Instagram.

“Why wasn’t anyone helping. Isn’t there anyone brave enough to save the child?” said one user.

“Woman without decency. Thinks money can solve everything. Those with power please take action.

“Please be patient, the woman will receive retribution,” said another.

mStar’s original article can be found here: https://www.mstar.com.my/lokal/viral/2022/07/22/geramnya-tengok-tular-video-wanita-rambut-pink-kerjakan-budak-dengan-batang-penyapu?fbclid=IwAR0IOCUvcZAYAdmBXACPFJDHjVvt7D0Uwh14v-wOUNicWspr-R6wVK7rYD8#.YtoJhkat1kI.facebook