Perak govt committed to enhancing Kafa education, says MB

IPOH: About 88% of Muslim primary school pupils in Perak attend the Fardu Ain Basic Class (Kafa), the state assembly was told.

Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad said here on Thursday (Dec 29) that of the total enrolment of 114,377 pupils, some 100,656 attended Kafa.

He said the state government was taking several steps to ensure that there was no dropping out of these classes.

“In the Kerian district, 8,825 of the 10,150 Muslim pupils attend Kafa.

“We are also taking initiatives such as setting up five Kafa in selected schools in the state namely SK Seri Selama, SK Ulu Slim, SK Ganda, SK Dato Sagor and SK Sungai Ramai,” he said,

Saarani said this in reply to Sallehuddin Abdullah (PN-Selinsing) during question and answer time at the assembly sitting.

Sallehuddin had asked about the state government’s plans to enhance the Kafa education institution, and the percentage of pupils attending such classes in the state, specifically in the Kerian district.

He also wanted to know how the state government planned to retain attendance of Kafa and if there was any special allocation to maintain and upgrade the relevant facilities.

Saarani said awareness campaigns among parents were carried out through various platforms to inform them about the importance of sending their children to Kafa.

He said the state government and several of its agencies had allocated funds to maintain and upgrade Kafa facilities as and when needed.