Public reminded not to carry out DIY repairs on Sabah Electricity assets

KOTA KINABALU: The public is not allowed to repair or carry out any maintenance work on any of Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd’s (SESB) assets.

SESB senior general manager (asset management) Idris Mohd Noor said repair and maintenance works on their utilities – including service lines and electric poles outside customers’ premises – can only be done by their company staff.

“No one else is allowed to carry out any works on SESB properties without a permit,” he said in a statement on Friday (Nov 11).

It is learnt that SESB had been informed of such an incident in the state recently.

Idris said only SESB-appointed contractors or those with permission from SESB can do so.

He reminded the public not to do anything that could pose the risk to or damage SESB properties.

“This includes fishing or swimming at ponds or rivers close to electric poles, flying kites or remote aeroplanes close to any electric lines, illegal power connections or power theft and others,” he said.

Idris said SESB was actively creating awareness on this issue and disseminating information on safety when dealing with electrical items and utilities on various platforms including social media, newspapers and radio broadcasts.

He reminded the public that for their own safety, they should always contact SESB if any work is needed on its utilities.

SESB can be contacted at 15454 or 088-51500 or via WhatsApp at 019-852 5427.