‘Push pocket’ scam viral message is from 2016, says Bukit Aman

PETALING JAYA: An old message claiming that criminals are using the “push-pocket” scam to trick victims has been recirculated on social media, says Bukit Aman.

The scam involves a criminal who will accuse victims of “stealing” their personal belongings by slipping items such as mobile phones or wallets into the victims’ pockets or bags.

The perpetrator will subsequently offer a settlement by asking the victim to pay a sum of money or the case will be reported to the police.

Victims who are fearful will usually agree to settle the payment.

Police secretary Deputy Comm Datuk Norsiah Mohd Saaduddin said the viral message was an old one from 2016, adding that checks showed no reports were made regarding such scams.

“The public are urged to not fall for messages that have no basis and are not verified. Sharing or spreading such news can cause unrest and worry amongst the public,” she said in a statement on Wednesday (Jan 4).