Rela plays significant role in arrests involving cross-border crime, says Hamzah

LARUT: Members of the People’s Volunteers Corps (Rela) have played a significant role in maintaining national security as seen from the arrests made involving various cross-border crimes, says Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin.

The Home Minister said among others, the arrests were for attempts to smuggle in drugs and human trafficking offences.

“We have been successful because of their cooperation as the ears and eyes of the security forces and the training they have been given.

“Within a year after starting the programme, we enlist them and with sufficient training developed closely according to the Royal Malaysia Police Standard Operating Procedures, it is hoped that they would be ready to carry out the duties as auxiliary police,” he said in an interview.

Hamzah said there was a need for Rela teams to use weapons and this has been included in the training modules for those required to handle firearms.

He added that so far, nearly 1,000 Rela members have undergone training, including skills training in using weapons when carrying out tasks during operations in areas at risk. – Bernama