RM1mil in cash up for grabs by local councils in Clean Johor competition

ISKANDAR PUTERI: A total of RM1mil in cash will be up for grabs in the 100 Days Clean Johor competition that begins on Saturday (July 2), says Mohd Hairi Mad Shah.

The state Youth, Sports, Entrepreneur Development, Cooperatives and Human Resources Committee chairman said that it will involve 16 local authorities in Johor.

Mohd Hairi also said that the competition will be divided into three categories – city council, municipal council, and district council.

He added that the competition will run for 100 days from July 2 and each local council will be judged by a committee of stakeholders and NGOs on the level of cleanliness in their area.

“Each local authority is given the freedom to clean any area not more than 3km in their jurisdiction,” said Mohd Hairi in a speech at the Clean Johor launching ceremony at Puteri Harbour here Saturday.

He added that the cash prize should not be the main target of the local authorities, saying that the willingness to instil the act of love and care for the environment should be the focus.

“We need to cultivate a culture that is aware of its surroundings and plays an active role in moving the community to protect the environment,” said Mohd Hairi.

“There are some of us who are able to comply with the laws and regulations on littering in a foreign country when travelling out of fear of the repercussions, but fail to do so when they are here,” he added.