SFC: Report croc threats to us first, don’t kill the reptiles

SIBU: The Sarawak Forestry Corporation does not condone the killing of crocodiles as it has the expertise to handle such reptiles.

A spokesman said this in response to the shooting of two crocodiles in Batang Igan on Saturday (March 5) by a group of individuals with valid hunting permits.

In the incident, two crocodiles measuring 13 feet and 17 feet each were found to have been hunted.

“We at SFC would like to advise the public to continue to report to us if there is a discovery or threat of crocodiles in your area. SFC will go down the field and help you deal with the matter,” he said.

The spokesman said acting on public complaints and videos which have gone viral on social media of the hunting of two crocodiles in Batang Igan, a team of Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) enforcement officers came to the scene to conduct further investigations on the incident.

“They hunted the reptiles based on reports from villagers living near Batang Igan. Batang Igan has been one of the habitats of these reptiles since time immemorial,” he added.

He said crocodiles will only act aggressively if the reptile detects danger that could threaten their habitat, their eggs and young or provocations by humans.

”SFC also has a 3M Crocodile programme, where they will share knowledge and ways to deal with problems related to these reptiles,” he said.

3M Buaya is a three-pronged campaign to help the people know, understand and conserve (Mengenali, Memahami dan Memulihara) crocodiles aimed at educating people living in crocodile-infested areas to live with the presence of the reptiles in their areas safely.

The SFC also called on the public not to act in a hurry if faced with a similar situation in the future.

“Cooperation from all parties is most welcome so that we can address issues related to protected species and wildlife in a prudent and ethical manner,” he said.