Singapore recalls Malaysian soy sauce

SINGAPORE: Singapore has recalled a soy sauce from Malaysia after detecting benzoic acid at levels exceeding the regulatory limit for sauces stated in the Singapore Food Regulations.

According to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), the use of benzoic acid is not declared on the food packaging label of the product – Hand Flower Brand Soy Sauce.

“As a precautionary measure, SFA has directed the importer, Heng Yoon Trading Pte Ltd, to recall the implicated product. The recall is ongoing,” SFA said on its Facebook page late Friday (Sept 2).

Under the Singapore Food Regulations, SFA said only permitted food additives with levels within the maximum levels are allowed for use in food.

SFA said that a once-off consumption of the affected product is unlikely to be of food safety concern, especially because soy sauce is not a staple food consumed at high levels. – Bernama