UiTM waiting for advice from Higher Education Ministry before making decision on lecturer in viral video

PETALING JAYA: UiTM will make one of two decisions over the lecturer who was caught berating a B40 student during an online class for not owning a laptop.

In a statement from the university sighted on social media platforms, it claimed that either the lecturer’s contract would be terminated, or no action would be taken as the student and lecturer have met, discussed and decided to settle the issue amicably.

The statement, which has now gone viral, read that her contract was recently renewed on March 15 and that UiTM can terminate her appointment within 30 days of the contract renewal.

“UiTM’s decision will depend upon the advice received from the Higher Education Ministry,” it added in the statement dated March 30.

Five UiTM students were interviewed to identify the authenticity of the video on March 30, the statement said, all of whom confirmed that the incident in the video took place during the October 2021/February 2022 semester.

Based on the investigation conducted, the varsity said the video was not recorded and shared by the student who was berated, but was shared by others until it became viral.

“According to (our) records, the student did not apply for zakat assistance, but he did receive aid from PTPTN,” it added.

The statement had also released the student’s personal information, such as his name, phone number and address.

Social media users called it irresponsible and some even asked the student to sue the varsity for leaking his personal information.

The lecturer became infamous on Tuesday (March 30) night, when a video of her chiding a B40 student for using his phone to attend an online class in his fifth semester went viral.

When she found out his father was unemployed and his mother was “no more”, she told him to ask his sister to sell her gold bangle so he can get a laptop, something she felt was a must to attend online classes.

UiTM vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Roziah Mohd Janor said the university has taken swift and appropriate action against the lecturer.