Umno needs to stand united, set aside differences to win GE15, says Khaled

JOHOR BARU: While there was no denying that friction existed in Umno, it was important not to let it tear the party apart, says Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin (pic).

“True, we will never be able to agree on everything but do not let our differences in opinion divide us. That is wrong.

“To deny that there are frictions within Umno is a lie. However, these frictions are part and parcel of politics. Do not let it cause cracks that would only cause Umno to lose out,” said the Umno vice-president in a Facebook post on Saturday (July 30).

Umno needs to stand united and set aside its differences to win the next general election, he said while adding that winning the next election was the main focus of the party for the stability of the country.

“To win the election and get a new mandate, the party must stand together with one direction.

“That direction is Umno’s direction, not the (party) president’s, not the prime minister’s and not the direction of any groups or clusters.

“For this unity to be achieved, all factions within Umno must come together. Do not be carried away with infighting and politicking, as that would only weaken Umno from the inside,” he said.

He added that those with their own interests outside the party would be happy to see Umno falling apart and become weak.

“Come back to the direction of Umno, which has been the reason for all of us to join politics in the first place.

“Umno is the platform for us to serve the people and spread goodness all these while. This will never stop,” he said.