Video of man saving dog with CPR goes viral, draws praise from internet users

PETALING JAYA: As human beings, we are not only taught to be compassionate to each other but also to animals.

Recently, a viral video of a man in India saved the life of a dog by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) drew praises from internet users, mStar reported.

The video showed a dog lying on the road motionless, with a man approaching the animal and performing CPR chest compression to revive it.

The dog began to move and later stood up after a while after the man repeated the process a few times.

The video touched the hearts of many and was shared by a Twitter user with the caption “at times it is a miracle performed by someone with a good heart”.

The video went viral on social media with internet users expressing their gratitude and thanking the man for his deed in saving the dog.