FLIMGO makes movies more than just movies

Because COVID-19 swept the world in 2020, the Chinese film market was closed for 178 days, which brought great impact to the Chinese film industry. A large number of films have been squeezed and postponed, and major film companies have been operating in a dismal way. The Internetization of the film industry has also accelerated its development in the case of a sluggish industry. Films originally planned to be shown in cinemas have to be shown on the Internet. COVID-19 is a disaster for the film market, but it also brings opportunities. From now on, the film industry is affected by both good and bad. On the bright side, the Annual Inventory Report of Chinese Film Market in 2020 jointly released by Lighthouse Research Institute and Weibo Film pointed out that the total box office of Chinese film market in 2020 was 20.417 billion yuan, about 3.1 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing North America (2.1 billion U.S. dollars) to become the first box office in the world. Domestic films live up to high expectations and become the pillar of box office this year. Therefore, how to seize the opportunity and share the income of the film market is the problem that people should think about!

FLIMGO’s global intelligent box office platform can make movies not only movies, but also enable people to seize opportunities and share movie market revenue with film companies.

FilmGO intelligent ticket purchasing platform was established in Hong Kong in September 2017, which is a platform for Hong Kong flagship film industry and Asia Pacific Film Association to help the global box office hatch together. The vision of the FilmGO platform is to make the film become the carrier of national culture in countries all over the world. Without borders, all ethnic groups learn and understand each other harmoniously and develop peacefully. Purpose of FilmGO platform: 1. Through the reward platform of the association, film fans can participate in the promotion activities of each film and benefit from it. 2. Through the superior policies of the Association, good films around the world can get the best reputation and box office. A strong company and a solid foundation can better release excellent films. These excellent films will better accelerate the development of Chinese film industry.

Since its establishment, FilmGO has released many excellent films such as The Meg, Cold War, The Adventurers and Mission Milano, which have achieved good box office results.

FilmGO platform participated in the publication of The Meg. The Meg is widely promoted by internet. E.g. movie posters, trailers, Weibo, WeChat moments publicity, Tik Tok short videos, media reports, etc. The Meg broke through RMB 100 million in single-day box office in China for three days, and reached RMB 347 million in the first weekend. Word of mouth is getting better and better on major ticketing platforms and social media. The Meg performed equally well overseas: on its first day, the US box office was 16.5 million US dollars, and the global box office exceeded 50 million US dollars, winning the first place in the global box office. In the end, it achieved a box office of 527 million US dollars in the world, among which the box office revenue of Chinese films exceeded 1 billion RMB, making it a landmark work produced by Chinese and foreign co-productions, and it was also the first blockbuster controlled by a Chinese company to win the box office championship in the world. The original novel of this film has similar influence to Jurassic Park in America. Previously, Hollywood tried to adapt it many times without success, and Hong Kong’s flagship film industry invested more than $100 million in filming The Meg.

The FilmGO platform participated in the distribution and contributed to Cold War. Cold War grossed 90 million yuan in the first week, 93 million yuan in the second week and 47 million yuan in the third week. The total box office in mainland China reached 254 million yuan, and the box office in Hong Kong, China reached 42.8 million yuan. Hong Kong’s box office revenue alone can make it easy to recover its costs. Cold War became the highest-grossing Hong Kong gangster film in the cold winter. At the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards, Cold War won nine awards including Best Actor, Best Film and Best Director, which is the 32nd Grand Slam film. Tony Leung Ka Fai, a famous actor, successfully defeated Aaron Kwok and won the Best Film Award by virtue of Li Wenbin.

FilmGO platform participates in publishing The Adventurers. The Adventurers grossed 149 million yuan in the first week in mainland China, and finally the total box office reached 236 million yuan. Moreover, it has gained in the Hong Kong film market, and it is a rare and excellent film!

Although COVID-19 caused the depression of the Chinese film market, FLIMGO platform did its part to help the Chinese film market recover quickly after the domestic epidemic. FilmGO keeps up with the trend of the Internet era, makes full use of internet plus’s promotion mode, integrates resources, bases itself on the advantages of this platform, and makes accurate market positioning with the help of the vast number of platform members. Based on this, FilmGO promotes excellent movies, so that movie fans can receive the latest movie trailers, enjoy movie resources and global box office consultation information without leaving home. FilmGO really strives for the prosperity of Chinese film market again!

Southeast Asian countries are close neighbors of China. Especially in recent years, the film industry in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries has made great progress and is full of vitality. The box office revenue of movies has expanded again and again, and Indonesia alone has earned 1.4 billion dollars in box office revenue. Although the epidemic continues today, it is imperative for China and Southeast Asian countries to cooperate in the film industry under the framework of the “the belt and road initiative” initiative. FilmGO platform has withstood the pressure and boldly explored the Southeast Asian film market, and has successfully taken root in the Southeast Asian film market.

The FilmGO platform will fully benefit the domestic and foreign film markets, seize the current and future strategic opportunity period, implement the “going out” strategy, better promote the excellent films of various countries to the whole world, expand the influence of films, and make people from all over the world learn and understand each other harmoniously.

FilmGO platform adopts movie resource push mode, which integrates trailers, movie resources and global box office consultation information related to members’ interests. It presents all the movies that will be released or still being shot in front of all members, so that fans can quickly understand the global movie trends and choose their favorite movies by using the mobile app at home. Moreover, after receiving movie information and materials, members can judge their favorite movies, which can publicize and promote related movies on social media and significantly increase the popularity of movies. To put it simply, members can easily get awards from film companies only by helping to promote these films, thus creating a “win-win-win” ecological circle that benefits film production companies, actors and audiences at the same time, which will definitely promote the prosperity of the film industry.

Creating value for others is the value of FilmGO. The FilmGO intelligent ticketing platform makes movies more than just movies. FilmGO platform provides a platform for fans to enjoy excellent movies, support their favorite actors and share the film market revenue with film companies. Go forward hand in hand, and join quickly! Let movies create value.

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