In line with the development trend of the “digital” era, ChainUP White Label Exchange software has set a new benchmark

With the continuous development of science and technology, people have come to the digital age. The development of digital economy has become the consensus that all mankind needs to reach. “Asset Digitization” has become a new trend in society. Compared with the traditional asset operation mode, “asset digitization” is more intelligent and safer, and it also has extremely strong innovation potential. It provides opportunities for many investors to create wealth. When people have a lot of “digital assets”, the transaction of digital assets becomes a necessity. It is a great market opportunity for people to trade digital assets safely and conveniently, which has great potential for growth.

In the field of digital asset trading, ChainUP has gradually become the world’s leading blockchain technology service provider with its excellent comprehensive strength and strong technical team. Its core business mainly includes white label exchange software, wallet, liquidity and WaaS alliance. At present, ChainUP has provided blockchain technical services to more than 600 customers around the world, including nearly 400 exchange customers.

ChainUP’s white label Exchange software business has two cooperation modes: privatization deployment and SaaS deployment. Its comprehensive functions, excellent performance, safety and security have always enjoyed a certain reputation in the industry. The core functional module spot trading system has a high-performance matching engine, distributed memory matching, and mid-end hardware configuration to place orders. The whole link single coin pairs 50,000 TPS, which can shoulder the trading system. The contract quantification system of contract trading system can automatically match the best price, quickly obtain the best execution price, and greatly improve the transaction speed. At the same time, it has real-time monitoring of financial standards, and truly realizes zero loss of the platform. Leveraged trading system uses loan audit to ensure security, promptly remind highly leveraged heavy loss users, and forced close position when necessary, which greatly helps users reduce risks and losses. The risk control service module of ETF trading system is independently deployed and operated, which supports the risk limit of single account, abnormal monitoring of assets on the chain and offline, and implements the separation mechanism of cold wallet and hot wallet, and carries out real-time risk control on assets. The Legal tender transaction system supports credit card payment such as VISA, MasterCard, ApplePay, and supports 126 currencies such as us dollar, British pound and euro to purchase more than 40 mainstream currencies. At the same time, the legal tender bank account, deposit and withdraw system are configured with KYC that meets FCA regulatory requirements and GDPR information management principles, AML that meets international standards, supports compliant deposit and withdrawal, and ensures fund security.

Moreover, ChainUP’s SaaS exchange system has the first liquidity service in the industry. As long as the user’s S exchange is online, the liquidity depth of 400 cloud exchanges served by ChainUP can be shared with one click. Exchange operators understand that liquidity is the core experience of the exchange. User experience determines the value of the exchange and whether it can go long-term.

In the concept of ChainUP R&D team, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the exchange system is one of the important missions of the white label exchange software service provider. However, while providing convenience for customers, we must pay attention to risk control and effectively protect the core rights and interests of partners. Improving transaction efficiency scientifically and effectively is the key means to enhance the influence of one’s own industry, and it is also an effective way to attract thousands of customers’ attention. In order to further enhance its technical strength, ChainUP, with the help of professional teams, has constantly overcome difficulties and won high attention from people inside and outside the industry.

In the future, ChainUP will further integrate the industry’s high-quality resources, maintain the trend of innovation and development, and contribute to the development of the “Asset Digitization” era!