South Korean Edtech company Probo launches Probo Connect robotics curriculum in South East Asia

Korean company Probo’s robotic educational products help children learn the science behind robots with fun activities.

Seoul, Korea – Learning with robotics can foster children’s minds, bring creative thinking, and introduce them to the world of maths and science. Probo is a South Korea based edtech company, founded to help children break away from simple and general robot textbooks and offer robot education with more new, powerful, and high-quality, interesting content. Probo is a compound word for Professional and Robot.


The company was founded in 2011 and started as a dedicated educational robot manufacturer and developed robots with coding functions. Probo provides various robot making kits, coding learning tools, robot parts, sensors, and organizes coding competitions. The company has developed, designed, and upgraded its various robotic educational products since its first product launch in 2012. Its products consist of different levels and modules as per different age groups. Besides South Korea, the company sells its products in China, Vietnam, Australia, and other countries. Probo organizes a Robot Championship annually attended by more than 800 participants.

Using Probo, children can create various robots and learn the theory and science behind robots. They can analyze the robot’s motion using the coding program in the textbook provided with the program. Probo enables educators and parents to encourage scientific curiosity and coding skills among school children. Probo makes learning robotics and coding fun by letting children build their own robots in a creative way.

Probo offers three curricula – Probo Connect, Probo Technic, and Malang Malang coding. Probo Connect enables children to enjoy coding by building robot blocks shaped like animals. Probo Connect adheres to the highest safety standards and certifications and developed without sharp parts for children’s safety. Probo has KC Safety Certification, CCC Certification, Quality Management System Certification, School Excellence Product Certification, KCL Radio Certification, Corporate Research Institute Certification, Venture Company Certification, Factory Registration Certificate, and Patent Certificate. The company has trademark registration of its ‘GULC’ coding program.

After expanding the Probo Connect curriculum among school students in South Korea, Probo is launching Probo Connect in China and South-East Asia. The company has 33 branch offices in South Korea and an overseas subsidiary in China. Probo wants to expand to more countries in South-East Asia and market its products in China.

Probo Connect offers four levels:

Connect Kit Level 1: It is a curriculum that allows children to understand the fundamentals and structure of robots through blocks, make animal robots with an interesting textbook and 3D assembly map, and use the robots in their real life. Baby Pig Robot Doni, Baby Bird Robot Buddy, Seal Robot Toto, Rabbit Robot Robit, Monkey Robot Uki, Frog Robot Keureuk, Puppy Robot Mongi, and Battle Robot Upper are some of the animal-shaped robots children can build out of Probo Connect Kit Level 1.

Connect Kit Level 2: It is the level where children can learn both competitiveness and cooperation together with their friends using the game robot they created. It is not just a fun game, but an education course where children can understand CPU, IR, LED, and FND, etc., while watching the motions of the robots they created. Using Connect Kit Level 2, students can build robots like Rock-paper-scissors Winner, Weightlifting Game La Cha Cha, Arm-wrestling Game Speed Shake, Alien Shooting Laser Gun, Airplane Game Jumping Air, Quickness Game Hammer Shot, and Table Basketball Shooter.

Connect Kit Level 3: It is an intermediate level where children can make automobiles or heavy equipment into robots and understand the principles of robotics. Ant Robot Anbo, Cleaning Robot Wash, Police Bike Saica, Catapult Robot Dunjur, Battle Robot Rush, Fencing Robot Spear, 4wd Tough, and Boxing Robot Atta are some of the robots children can build out of Probo Connect Kit Level 3.

Connect Kit Level 4: This level includes various C language programs, such as GULC and Probo Scratch, for easy and fun learning. F1 Car Spion, Suspension Car Lak, Bucket Excavator Blaster, Bike Robot Storm, Tank Robot Ct-1, Smart Mobility Molly, and Dinosaur Robot Alo are some of the robots children can build out of Probo Connect Kit Level 4.

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