What is the future of the MAGIC TRADING PROJECT after MTM Coin is listed on the exchange?

Singapore – On the 26th of last month, it was announced that the blockchain token MTM, which is based on Magic-T’s asset management platform, was listed on the GX Global Exchange.


MTM tokens were sold out (about 13.69 million yuan) in 4 hours after opening in the two day pre-sale held from the 24th to the 25th at the GX Global Exchange.

The Magic Trading platform is an integrated asset management platform that makes more efficient cryptocurrency asset management possible by supplementing the problem of not being able to quickly respond to price fluctuations, which is a disadvantage of staking, and problems surrounding the increasing influence of coin companies.

The Magic Trading platform successfully carried out its first project, MTM Coin, and is listed on the GX Exchange. It is preparing a number of projects based on this. An official of the Magic Trading platform revealed their aspirations “It will serve as a new blockchain integrated asset management platform by complementing the problems of staking, which is currently provided by many coins companies and exchanges, and DeFi of the blockchain in 2020.”


The Magic Trading platform is a more advanced concept than DeFi. This is a new asset management platform developed for the expansion of the ecosystem of the Magic Trading platform, securing liquidity for the foundation, and stable compensation through the continuous provision of various tokens through an interpersonal AI trading system.

Most cryptocurrency assets are built on the basis of architecture, but most transactions still occur on centralized exchanges, resulting in a variety of problems. Magic Trading platform introduced AI technology and built a strong public chain to solve this problem. This provides an unprecedented new transaction method to adapt to the wider blockchain, and by introducing this AI technology, it is possible to make ideal and stable transactions rather than manual transactions and improve work efficiency. It pursues free productivity, stability, and soundness in the digital currency market.

In the future, the MTM team plans to provide a variety of all new tokens to the Magic Trading platform through collaboration with various companies. This will solve the problems found in similar existing platforms and enable fair and transparent operation.

In addition, MTM is in close communication with major exchanges and is focusing on global marketing and promotions to advance into Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries, starting with China and the United States. Through MTM, it is expected that a business ecosystem with a virtuous cycle will be created in which all participants maximize and share economic activities in a future-oriented platform created through asset management know-how and blockchain expertise.


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